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Current U.S. Student

United States citizens who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs are eligible to apply.If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a U.S. college or university, you will apply through that institution, even if you are not currently a resident there. Find the Fulbright Program Adviser on your campus.

U.S. Citizen but not a Student

If you are a U.S. citizen, will hold a bachelor’s degree by the award start date, and do not have a Ph.D. degree, then you are eligible to apply. Non-enrolled applicants should have relatively limited professional experience in the fields (typically 7 years or less) in which they are applying. Candidates with more experience should consider applying for the Fulbright Scholar Program.

The Getting Started page will provide information on eligibility and next steps.


The Fulbright U.S. Student Program welcomes applications in the creative and performing arts. Arts candidates for the U.S. Student Program should have relatively limited professional experience in the fields (typically 7 years or less) in which they are applying. Artists with more experience should consider applying for the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Creative & Performing Arts projects fall under the Study/Research grant category and are available in all countries where Study/Research grants are offered.


U.S. Professor/Administrator

If you are a U.S. citizen and a professor or administrator at a U.S. institution and are interested in applying for a Fulbright Scholar Award, you will need to apply through

To support your students in applying for a U.S. Student Program award, please connect with the Fulbright Program Adviser at your institution.

Non U.S. Citizens

If you are a non-U.S. citizen interested in applying for a Fulbright Award to the United States, you will need to apply through the Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy in your home country. Find out more information on the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program or Fulbright Foreign Student Program.


10 English Teaching Assistant Awards

Accepted Degree Levels
  • Bachelor's
  • Master's
Grant Period
March Start
Grant Length
8 Months
Award Type
English Teaching Assistant
Award Profile

ETAs will be assigned as language teaching assistants working 30 hours per week (including planning). Responsibilities include but are not limited to giving presentations on different topics related to the United States, preparing and leading classroom activities, and encouraging students to communicate in English. Although ETAs are not full-fledged professors, the program is a professional development opportunity to advance their teaching skills and have a positive experience on a Brazilian campus.


Grant Length
8 Months
Grant Period
March Start

Grant Length: 8 months.

  • The grant period corresponds to the academic year in Brazil, starting in March 2026. 
  • Candidates must attend the in-country arrival orientation.
  • Other start dates will not be considered.


Pre-Departure and In-Country Orientation


All pre-departure orientation sessions occur online a few weeks or months preceding the grant start date. They cover:

  • Visa application process with the Fulbright Commission staff
  • Health and security briefings, with the U.S. Embassy in Brazil specialized officers
  • Mental health care, with a Brazilian clinical psychologist specialized in cross-cultural issues
  • Identity abroad and DEIA-related topics with the Fulbright Western Hemisphere Affairs Diversity and Inclusion Liaison

The grant starts with the in-country arrival orientation, which lasts up to four days. After orientation is over, grantees head to their assigned host cities. 

Orientation takes place in São Paulo, the hub airport in Brazil. The Fulbright Commission provides accommodation, meals, and an allowance to help cover transportation to/from the airport for the orientation days. 

Candidate Profile
  • Some experience (one to two years) in tutoring/classroom teaching for (young) adults is required.
  • Candidates with a TESOL, ESL, English, Linguistics, or Education degree are highly preferred.
  • Candidates who hold a master's degree are preferred.
  • Candidates with other degrees but who demonstrate a genuine interest in English Teaching as a career opportunity should also apply. If selected, these candidates must obtain a TEFL/TESOL certification sponsored by the Fulbright Program. The grant confirmation will be subject to completing the certification before the grant begins in March 2026. 

We also consider the following competencies essential to succeed as an English Teaching Assistant, and we suggest you reflect on them before putting your application together. You are welcome to provide examples of your competencies in your personal statement or the statement of grant purpose if you decide the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant award suits you.

  • Candidates should be well-rounded, mature, resourceful, flexible, and articulate individuals with the skills and motivation needed to assist in teaching English and discussing U.S. culture from their perspective.
  • Candidates should also demonstrate initiative, leadership, and confidence and be willing to engage in extracurricular activities as needed.
What is life like for Fulbrighters in the host country?

Benjamin Hudock

English Teaching Assistant 2022-23 at Universidade Regional do Cariri, in Crato, Brazil

During my nine months at the Universidade Regional do Cariri, I met so many talented and passionate students, professors and friends that graciously shared their northeastern culture with me and carved out space for this foreigner in their unassumingly unique world. At my job, I had the freedom to explore language acquisition topics and techniques I had always been curious about before. There was ample possibility to invest in individuals, engage with the academic community and give Portuguese a workout. More than just a professional development experience, however, Fulbright also made for an unforgettable personal adventure. Whether jamming out on the zabumba to maracatu music or filming all the new delicacies I was trying for an ever-growing online audience, I felt constantly challenged to pursue new intercultural outlooks and exchange the intangibles I had brought with me to country. I know I will always have a second home in Crato, Ceará.


Lauren Kuhlman

English Teaching Assistant 2022-2023 at Universidade do Estado do Paraná (UNESPAR), in Apucarana, Brazil

I have never learned as much as I did as a Fulbright ETA at UNESPAR- each day I learned new Portuguese, different Brazilian traditions, and more about English Language pedagogy. The best part, though, was that the learning was reciprocal. My students and coworkers valued the cultural insight and native pronunciation I brought to the classroom and campus.  

Each person that met me was interested in my story, and was excited to learn about my experience in Brazil. I will always miss the warm community that welcomed me with open arms. My students invited me to their families’ Easter celebration, Festa Junina, and Sunday churrasco barbecues. These experiences shaped my experience into a beautiful learning environment. 

Professionally, I have been able to leverage my experience as a university co-professor and leading several different community outreach projects to showcase my skills in leadership and intercultural competence. I have also developed rich friendships with fellow Fulbrighters that I will treasure for many years to come. 

Being a Fulbright ETA in Brazil was an energizing, inspiring learning experience that I will always hold dear to my heart.