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Current U.S. Student

United States citizens who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs are eligible to apply.If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a U.S. college or university, you will apply through that institution, even if you are not currently a resident there. Find the Fulbright Program Adviser on your campus.

U.S. Citizen but not a Student

If you are a U.S. citizen, will hold a bachelor’s degree by the award start date, and do not have a Ph.D. degree, then you are eligible to apply. Non-enrolled applicants should have relatively limited professional experience in the fields (typically 7 years or less) in which they are applying. Candidates with more experience should consider applying for the Fulbright Scholar Program.

The Getting Started page will provide information on eligibility and next steps.


The Fulbright U.S. Student Program welcomes applications in the creative and performing arts. Arts candidates for the U.S. Student Program should have relatively limited professional experience in the fields (typically 7 years or less) in which they are applying. Artists with more experience should consider applying for the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Creative & Performing Arts projects fall under the Study/Research grant category and are available in all countries where Study/Research grants are offered.


U.S. Professor/Administrator

If you are a U.S. citizen and a professor or administrator at a U.S. institution and are interested in applying for a Fulbright Scholar Award, you will need to apply through

To support your students in applying for a U.S. Student Program award, please connect with the Fulbright Program Adviser at your institution.

Non U.S. Citizens

If you are a non-U.S. citizen interested in applying for a Fulbright Award to the United States, you will need to apply through the Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy in your home country. Find out more information on the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program or Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

United Kingdom

1 Fulbright/University of Stirling Award in Health, Well-being and Sport

Accepted Degree Levels
  • Bachelor's
  • Master's
  • Doctoral
Grant Period
Fall Start
Grant Length
10 Months
Award Type
Special Study/Research
Specialized Grant Types
  • Science/Public Health
Fulbright Graduate Degree Grants
  • Yes
Award Profile

One award is offered to pursue a one-year Master’s degree (or the first year of a longer Master’s or Ph.D. degree program) in any discipline related to Health, Well-Being, and Sport at University of Stirling

The University of Stirling was founded in 1967 on the site of the historic Airthrey Estate. The campus comprises of 310 acres, a loch and 18th-century Airthrey Castle.

Stirling is committed to promoting a thriving research culture and environment in order to enhance the quality of the student experience. The university prides itself on offering a flexible, interdisciplinary approach to learning. It gives people who traditionally would not have access to education the chance to study towards a degree.

With Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands all on your doorstep, Stirling’s campus is located in the heart of Scotland. You will find yourself studying in a friendly and beautiful environment surrounded by 18 century castles and rolling hills.

Additional to the scenery is a youthful, stimulating and buzzing city; one in every five residents is a student.

Grant Length
10 Months
Grant Period
Fall Start

Master's programs in the UK may last up to 1 year (and in rare circumstances, 2 years). Unless otherwise stated, funding is provided for the first year of the degree - although the grant period is 10 months, tuition waivers cover the entire first year and student visas are not impacted by grant length. 

Stipend amounts are set and do not change based on length of the degree.

In-Country Orientation
Candidate Profile

The Commission is seeking applicants who demonstrate:

  • Rigor in scholarly enquiry and academic or professional excellence
  • Strong reasons for wishing to pursue the proposed project in the UK and at a particular institution
  • A desire to gain a better understanding of the peoples and cultures of their host country
  • Commitment to the community through volunteer and extra-curricular activities
  • Flexibility and dynamism necessary for active involvement in the host country
What is life like for Fulbrighters in the host country?

Step into Fulbright in the United Kingdom—a vibrant exchange opportunity that has weaved strong bonds between the UK and the US since 1948. From the buzzing energy of large metropolitan cities to the charm of quaint towns, daily life as a Fulbright Postgraduate to the United Kingdom offers a wide array of experiences. Our awards unfold across the UK's diverse landscapes throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 

Navigating the country is made easy with efficient public transportation networks, allowing scholars to explore cities, countryside, and coastlines. Throughout the year, grantees engage in cultural events and festivals, immersing themselves in the arts, music, and local traditions. To name a few opportunities, previous Fulbrighters have participated in Highland games, organised writing workshops in picturesque locations, and visited National Trust properties across the UK.  

With over 160 universities, the UK is home to innovative and globally significant research and teaching projects spanning all disciplines and sectors. Fulbright awards are offered across all 4 nations and the British Virgin Islands, with a range of all disciplines awards and subject-specific awards.  

Candidates interested in applying for an award in the United Kingdom are advised to visit the US-UK Fulbright Commission's website for more information on the awards offered by the Commission and to hear from our alumni community 

Explore firsthand accounts from US Postgraduates like Asael Rodriguez, who engaged with his host community of Canterbury through volunteering opportunities, and Katelyn Barnes and Paul Kyumin Lee, who deepened their work in peacebuilding and conflict resolution while researching in Belfast.  


Hear about Fulbright experiences from Cesar Cortorreal, 2022-23 Postgraduate Awardee here: 



Applicants may also wish to consult Universities UK, Universities Scotland, Universities Wales, and UK Research and Innovation for more information about higher education in the UK.  

Applicants may contact the US-UK Fulbright Commission with any queries by emailing


Residency in host country NOT permitted in year prior to grant
Indicate how many months is considered residency:
6 Months
Dual citizens of this country are eligible

The following applicants are ineligible for consideration:

  • Applicants who have extensive previous experience in the UK
  • Applicants whose proposals are to complete any part of a medical degree, including internships or residencies, or applicants who hold a Ph.D. at the time the grant is to begin
  • Applicants who have previously spent time at their selected university will be at a competitive disadvantage
  • Applicants who have spent six or more months in the host country in the year prior to the grant are ineligible for consideration
Degree Level of Applicant
  • Bachelor's
  • Master's
  • Doctoral
Special Application Instructions

In your Fulbright online application, for Award Name, please select the specific award you are applying for from the drop down menu.

Foreign Language Proficiency
Not Required
Fulbright Proposal Types
Independent Study/Research:
Graduate Degree Enrollment:
Graduate Degree Enrollment:
Letter recommended but not required at deadline

Applicants are responsible for arranging their own affiliation and must apply for admission according to the relevant university’s admissions procedures. Applicants are not expected to have a letter of admission/affiliation at time of application, but awards are made conditional upon acceptance by the chosen institution before arrival. Applicants for Ph.D. programs should include a letter of support from their proposed supervisor.

Applicants will complete two applications, the Fulbright application and the university’s application (according to the university’s admissions procedures). Applicants must submit their university applications as early as possible, ideally before January 13, 2025. Applicants who fail to do so may be at a competitive disadvantage. The Fulbright Program does not cover the application fee for the university.

Affiliation Fees/Tuition
Affiliation Fees/Tuition covered in grant benefits

Tuition for the first year of study will be waived internally by the host university. 

Award Benefits
  • A stipend broadly based on the cost of living in the host country. These funds may be used by the grantee to support housing, meals, and incidental costs during the grant period.
  • International travel benefits
  • Accident & sickness health benefits
  • 24/7 mental health support line for urgent and non-urgent situations
  • 12 months of non-competitive eligibility (NCE) hiring status within the federal government
Stipend Amount

This is an estimated amount and is subject to change. The financial terms of the grant will be confirmed in the grant document issued after selection.

1902.70 monthly stipend amount in
£ [British Pound Sterling]

The stipend amounts are in line with the UK Research and Innovation’s minimum amounts for studentship stipends and allowance.

Estimated Cost of Living

Consider using cost of living comparison websites to gain a better understanding of the potential costs in your host country.

For an idea of what to expect with regards to living costs within the UK, please refer to the British Council’s guidance on the cost of study for international students:

Dependent financial support is NOT available
Fulbright Program Management Contact
Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Website
Grant Amount
  • Full tuition waiver for the first year of study
  • £19,027 living stipend a (contribution towards general maintenance costs)
  • £1,500 travel stipend
    The living stipend is intended as a contribution towards general maintenance costs towards the first year in the UK.