2024-2025 competition is closed. 2025-2026 competition will open in April 2024. 

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Current U.S. Student

United States citizens who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs are eligible to apply.If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a U.S. college or university, you will apply through that institution, even if you are not currently a resident there. Find the Fulbright Program Adviser on your campus.

U.S. Citizen but not a Student

If you are a U.S. citizen, will hold a bachelor’s degree by the award start date, and do not have a Ph.D. degree, then you are eligible to apply. Non-enrolled applicants should have relatively limited professional experience in the fields (typically 7 years or less) in which they are applying. Candidates with more experience should consider applying for the Fulbright Scholar Program.

The Getting Started page will provide information on eligibility and next steps.


The Fulbright U.S. Student Program welcomes applications in the creative and performing arts. Arts candidates for the U.S. Student Program should have relatively limited professional experience in the fields (typically 7 years or less) in which they are applying. Artists with more experience should consider applying for the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Creative & Performing Arts projects fall under the Study/Research grant category and are available in all countries where Study/Research grants are offered.


U.S. Professor/Administrator

If you are a U.S. citizen and a professor or administrator at a U.S. institution and are interested in applying for a Fulbright Scholar Award, you will need to apply through fulbrightscholars.org.

To support your students in applying for a U.S. Student Program award, please connect with the Fulbright Program Adviser at your institution.

Non U.S. Citizens

If you are a non-U.S. citizen interested in applying for a Fulbright Award to the United States, you will need to apply through the Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy in your home country. Find out more information on the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program or Fulbright Foreign Student Program.


1 Fulbright Master's Program: Social Sciences at U Carlos III de Madrid-Juan March Institute (IC3JM)

Accepted Degree Levels
  • Bachelor's
  • Master's
Grant Period
August Start
Grant Length
9 Months
Award Type
Special Study/Research
Fulbright Graduate Degree Grants
  • Yes
Award Profile

One award is available to pursue a two-year full-time Master's degree in Social Sciences at the Juan March-Carlos III Institute, at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.  

The MA in Social Sciences program is designed with four unique features that distinguish it from similar programs:

  1. Excellent placements. Many of our previous graduate students have been admitted to prestigious university PhD programs such as those at Oxford, Yale, the European University Institute or New York University, as well as in professional programs in European institutions. Some testimonials from our alumni can be found here.
  2. Interdisciplinary approach and specialized pathways. It provides advanced and interdisciplinary training in Political Science, Sociology and Economic History, with a strong focus on methodological aspects and quantitative techniques. During the second year students can choose between three specialization pathways (Political Science, Sociology, Economic History).
  3. Outstanding teaching. Courses are taught by the Institute’s outstanding senior and junior researchers, who have obtained their PhD from some of the most prestigious universities around the world (Oxford University, New York University, European University Institute, among others).
  4. A thriving academic community. The MA in Social Sciences is hosted at the Carlos III-Juan March Institute (IC3JM), which for almost 30 years has funded postgraduate training and social science research. The Institute is currently recognized as one of the most important European social-science research hubs. Its Scientific Committee is formed by outstanding professors from top universities around the world (such as Oxford, Yale, Duke, or Stanford Universities). Students will have the opportunity to participate in the intellectual life of the IC3JM, including weekly seminars, international academic meetings, and specialized methodological courses.



The MA in Social Sciences is a two-year interdisciplinary program taught entirely in English. The Master is equivalent to 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

The objective is to provide rigorous training, both substantive and methodological, which allows the student to perform comparative, historical, and quantitative research in key areas of Political Science, Sociology, and Economic History.

The MA program is organized around 4 semesters (2 semesters each year).

In the first year, students take 60 credits organized around two blocks. One block comprises substantive courses in sociological analysis, social stratification, comparative politics, economic history, and political economy; while the other block focuses on methodological courses (statistics, game theory, and research design).

In the second year, students take 60 credits that comprise methodological courses and they can also choose between three specialization pathways: Political Science, Sociology, or Economic History.



Universidad Carlos III de Madrid has the 35th spot worldwide and is ranked 10th in Europe, according to QS Top 50 Under 50 2020 Ranking. It is also among the 50 best European universities in teaching excellence according to the 2019 THE Teaching ranking. The Carlos III-Juan March Institute (IC3JM) is currently recognized as one of the most important European social-science institutions of its kind. More information about the Institute can be found here.


Grant Length
9 Months
Grant Period
August Start

Grant Length: 9 months. Grantees may only join in the Fall 2024 intake.

Grants will begin at the end of August 2024 and end at the end of May 2025.

The second year of the grant and master’s program will begin in mid-September 2025 and end in mid-July 2026 for a total of 10 months.

In-Country Orientation

All Fulbright Spain student grantees are required to attend a mandatory orientation which will take place during the second week of September 2024.

Candidate Profile

The Master’s applicant profile consists of students with a university degree (BA or BS). Applicants with a master’s degree will also be considered. This degree is for students who are passionate about developing their research skills on key topics in the Social Sciences. The Master in Social Sciences gives students the necessary skills to develop an original research design, formulate hypotheses, and analyze data using quantitative techniques.

Dual citizens of this country are NOT eligible
Residency in host country NOT permitted in year prior to grant
Indicate how many months is considered residency:
3 Months

Candidates may not reside in Spain at the time of application or during the academic year prior to the grant. Study abroad in Spain as part of undergraduate studies is not considered residency in Spain. However, other full-time studies at an institution based in Spain or participation in an auxiliar de conversación program are considered residency in Spain.

Accepted Degree Levels
  • Bachelor's
  • Master's
Special Application Instructions

In your Fulbright online application, for Award Name, please select Fulbright-Master's Program in Social Sciences at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid from the drop-down menu.

Foreign Language Proficiency
Required - Novice

Classes will be taught in English, and the students must complete all written and oral assignments in English. 

Some proficiency in Spanish is recommended for daily life.

Fulbright Proposal Types
Independent Study/Research:
Graduate Degree Enrollment:
Graduate Degree Enrollment:
Letter of acceptance required prior to grant start

To be considered for this Award, two separate applications are required:

  1. Applicants must apply for the Fulbright Award through the Fulbright online application system

  2. Applicants must also apply for admission to the Master’s program directly at the IC3JM. More information on the admissions process can be found at: https://ic3jm.es/en/postgraduates/master-degree-social-sciences/cs-matricula/ 

Applicants are not required to have a letter of acceptance (sometimes referred to as a letter of admission) at the time of the Fulbright application, but awards are made conditional upon acceptance to IC3JM no later than February 15, 2024. Applicants are encouraged to apply to the Master's degree in Social Sciences at the IC3JM  as soon as possible.

The IC3JM will notify Fulbright directly of all semifinalists who have been accepted to the Master’s in Social Sciences program by the February 15th deadline.

Affiliation Fees/Tuition
Affiliation Fees/Tuition covered in grant benefits

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid provides full tuition waivers for Fulbright grantees.

This Award is co-sponsored by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the Carlos III-Juan March Institute (IC3JM).

Housing Arrangements

All Fulbright Spain grantees are required to arrange their own housing. The Commission provides ample resources to aid in the housing search in Spain, including two webinars prior to departure.

Dependent financial support is NOT available
Fulbright Program Management Contact
Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Website
Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Contact
Academic Advising Office: informacion@fulbright.es
Additional Online Resources
Carlos III-Juan March Institute (IC3JM): https://ic3jm.es/en/
IC3JM Master in Social Sciences: https://player.vimeo.com/video/261852310?h=ff0dc585b2
Alumni testimonials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9a8nZnWWLk