Education Loan Deferments


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to defer my student loans while I am on my Fulbright grant?

Yes. It is the grantee’s responsibility to contact the lending institution, confirm that they accept loan deferment requests, and obtain the correct deferment forms. Grantees may then send the forms to IIE for certification of their grantee status and grant dates after completing the required borrower information on the form.

IIE cannot certify “In-School Deferment Request” forms.

Fulbright grants usually fall under the Graduate Fellowship deferment category and the grantee should confirm with the lender that this is the appropriate deferment request for submission.

When should I send in the forms?

Most lending institutions will not accept loan deferment request forms in advance of the grant period, so IIE does not submit the forms until 2-3 weeks prior to the grant start date. In addition, some lenders will not accept a deferment request form before the end of the grace period. Grantees are responsible for confirming with their lenders when the appropriate time to submit the deferment request is.

Once grant dates are confirmed the forms can be submitted to IIE. When sending in the deferment request forms please indicate: Grantee Name, Country of Grant, Exact Grant Dates, and the email address/fax #/mailing address that IIE should use when submitting the deferment forms to the lending institution.

Deferment forms will only be certified by IIE for the Fulbright grant period

Where do I send the forms?

Please upload your loan deferment to the IIE Participant Portal using the document category “Loan Deferment.”