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1 Fulbright/TU Delft, Faculty of Applied Sciences Award

Accepted Degree Levels
Grant Period
24 Months
No Pre-Departure Orientation
Award Profile

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is ranked 22nd university of technology in the world by the QS World University Rankings (2018). It is the largest and most comprehensive university of engineering sciences in the Netherlands, with modern facilities and a rich tradition. TU Delft is leading the way in research into technological innovations, contributing to scientific advancement in the interests of society, with research emphases in energy, environment, health and infrastructure.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is the largest faculty of TU Delft and is at the frontier of contemporary engineering science. Researchers of the Faculty are active in a range of fields, including nanotechnology, quantum transport, biotechnology, molecular engineering, energy-efficient industrial processing, nuclear science, sustainable energy technologies, optics and imaging. Much of the research being carried out at the Faculty is interdisciplinary.

Grant Period

24 Months

2 academic years, corresponding with the 2-year MSc program.

Pre-Departure Orientation

No Pre-Departure Orientation

Candidate Profile

Applicants must have an excellent academic record, meet the requirements for one of the MSc programmes mentioned below, and demonstrate motivation to study at TU Delft.  

Candidates must (at the time of application or later during the selection process for the Fulbright grant) be admitted to one of the TU Delft MSc programmes mentioned below.

Accepted Degree Levels



Foreign Language Proficiency

Not Required

Additional Information: Dutch language proficiency is not required, but is useful at the time of arrival. Some study of Dutch prior to arrival is encouraged in order to promote deeper engagement with the host community.

Fulbright Proposal Types

Independent Study/Research: No

Graduate Degree Enrollment: Yes


Applicants are required to apply separately to TU Delft by December 1, 2019 independent of their Fulbright application. Students are encouraged to contact the university to discuss the program requirements and their candidacy.

The TU Delft, Faculty of Applied Sciences Fulbright Scholarship is a full scholarship covering tuition fees and living expenses. It is open to applicants for the following MSc programs. These 2-year MSc programs are conducted fully in English and include coursework, an internship, and a research thesis.

  1. Applied Physics, tracks: Physics for Energy; Physics for Fluid Engineering; Physics for Health and Life; Physics for Instrumentation; Physics for Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing
  2. Chemical Engineering, tracks: Chemical Product Engineering; Process Engineering
  3. Life Science & Technology (Department of Biotechnology), specialisations: Biocatalysis, Biochemical Engineering, Cell Factory
  4. Nanobiology
  5. Science Education and Communication, track: Science Communication

Affiliation Fees/Tuition

Tuition fees are waived. Please view the grant amounts.

If awarded the TU Delft Faculty of Applied Sciences Fulbright Scholarship, students are no longer eligible for any other scholarships offered by or through TU Delft or the Faculty of Applied Sciences. 


U.S. students currently residing in the Netherlands will not be considered for any awards to the Netherlands.

In addition, U.S. students with both U.S. and Dutch citizenship will not be considered.

Special Application Instructions

In your Fulbright online application, for Award Name please select TU Delft Applied Sciences from the drop down menu.


Dependent support is not available.

Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Website

Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Contact

Linda Pietersen