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1 Fulbright/NAF Fellowship in Flood Management

Accepted Degree Levels
Grant Period
9 Months
No Pre-Departure Orientation
Award Profile

This Fellowship is limited to research related to flooding. Other water management areas, such as managing municipal water supplies, are not supported by this Fellowship.

Grant Period

9 Months

Grants must begin by September 1.

Pre-Departure Orientation

No Pre-Departure Orientation

Candidate Profile

Candidates at all degree levels will be considered. Preference will be given to those with coursework in civil engineering. Applicants should have attained their undergraduate core technical skills already, but will want to complement these with a graduate multidisciplinary study of water management aspects, such as:

  1. Assessment of flooding risks (e.g. analysis of hydraulics of coastal and riverine flooding, analysis of flooding probabilities and consequences, determining acceptable flooding risks in relation to other natural disasters; distributing risks to minimize damage; effects of climate change; assessing economic, social, environmental, and/or cultural damages using studies conducted by insurance companies; insurability);
  2. Spatial planning in flood-prone areas (e.g., the use of simulation hydraulic modeling tools applied to complicated interdependent resource management choices);
  3. Mitigating flood impact and flood risk reduction (e.g. measures such as room for rivers, coastal interventions and flood defence schemes, influencing land development of flood-prone areas through legislation; developing of evacuation plans and disaster management).

Accepted Degree Levels




Foreign Language Proficiency

Not Required

Additional Information: Dutch language proficiency is not required, but is useful at the time of arrival. Some study of Dutch prior to arrival is encouraged in order to promote deeper engagement with the host community. University lectures are in both English and Dutch.

Fulbright Proposal Types

Independent Study/Research: Yes

Graduate Degree Enrollment: No


The TU Delft is a large technical university and the grantee must be prepared to be an independent researcher. There is no formal structure to support Fulbright grantees, so it is important for applicants to arrange beforehand where and with whom they intent to work with and include a letter of affiliation with the application.

The Grantee will be placed with the TU Delft Deltas, Infrastructures and Mobility Initiative.

Affiliation Fees/Tuition

As a researcher at TU Delft, you will not have to pay tuition fees.


U.S. students currently residing in the Netherlands will not be considered for any awards to the Netherlands.

In addition, U.S. students with both U.S. and Dutch citizenship will not be considered. 

Special Application Instructions

In your Embark on-line application, Question #22 Award Name please select NAF Flood Management from the drop down menu.


Dependent support is not available

Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Website

Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Contact

Linda Pietersen

Additional Online Resources

Delft University of Technology website