University of Florida

Fulbright Program Adviser(s)

Dr. Art Sandeen
304 Yon Hall
Gainesville, Florida 32611
Kelly J. Medley
External Scholarship and Fellowship Coordinator
Infirmary 343
Gainesville, FL 32611

Institution Information

Campus Deadline: August 30, 2019

The University of Florida invites all rising seniors, current seniors, graduate students, and recent alumni to apply through the UF campus application process. All interested applicants should review country-specific grant information on the Fulbright website and then, when generally acquainted with the program requirements, contact UF's Fulbright Program Adviser (FPA) at for further application preparation and review.

Applicants wishing to apply through UF must submit all materials on the Fulbright U.S. Student Program website by the campus deadline, August 30, 2019 at 5pm, in order to be scheduled for an interview with the campus committee. Applicants will regain access to their applications after the campus interview, allowing them to revise materials based on feedback from the committee.

Fulbright applications are time-intensive and will likely require multiple meetings with our FPAs. For students away from the Gainesville area for Summer 2019, phone and video conferencing may be available for application advisement.

Past Grantees
Megan McDaniel
English Teaching Assistantship
Adrian Acuna Higaki
Hali McKinley Lester
English Teaching Assistantship
Daimiris Garcia
Political Science
Cacey Farnsworth
History, General