2014 Fulbright-Nat-Geo Storytelling Fellow: Botswana

Daniel Koehler

Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Alumnus Daniel Koehler world premieres his film, A House Without Snakes, at Full Frame Film Festival, in Durham, NC, April 7-10. Film Synopsis: For tens of thousands of years, the Bushmen have been living in an area of Botswana called the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Since the 1990s, under government pressure, most of the Bushmen have been relocated to places outside the reserve. Caught in the midst of massive cultural and socio-economic changes, young men like Ketelelo and Kitsiso struggle to build their futures. Ketelelo looks to education as a way to reinvent himself and provide for his family. Meanwhile, Kitsiso wonders whether he should stay in his ancestral homeland to honor his father or seek a new life in town. Filmed during Fulbright-NatGeo Fellowship in Botswana, A House Without Snakes is an intimate coming-of-age portrait that explores the tension between modernity and tradition through the lens of two individuals’ hopes and fears.


A House Without Snakes - Trailer from Daniel Koehler on Vimeo.


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Photo by Kebabonye Molatlhiwa