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2 English Teaching Assistant Awards

Accepted Degree Levels
Grant Period
4 Months
Award Profile

Grants are expected to cover: 

  • Roundtrip flight to/from US to Copenhagen and onward to Greenland
  • Per diem for orientation in Copenhagen
  • 4 months' stipend in Nuuk (minus rent and utilities)
  • The Greenlandic Ministry of Education has identified a pleasant two-bedroom apartment for the two ETAs to share.  In addition to the bedrooms, there is a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room.  The apartment is in a new building that normally houses visiting researchers and other international visitors and is situated near the university in a beautiful setting, approximately 15 minutes by bus from central Nuuk.  The apartment is reserved for the ETAs' grant period.
  • 4 months' health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Miscellaneous expenses

The US Embassy in Copenhagen will provide support to participants throughout the course of the proposed ETA program.  ETAs will be asked to provide the Embassy with a monthly log of hours and updates on relevant activities.  Participants will, furthermore, be encouraged to inform the Embassy of any potential issues with hosts that may arise in order that the Embassy may attempt to reconcile them.

The US Embassy staff will settle the ETAs in Nuuk, Greenland prior to the start of the program in August 2019.  Embassy staff will introduce the ETAs to their Greenlandic interlocutors prior to the assumption of their duties.  

Grant Period

4 Months

Grants are 4 months in length, beginning in August and ending in December.

Pre-Departure Orientation


All grantees are required to attend a pre-departure orientation in the U.S. in June or July as a condition of their grant, prior to travel to Denmark and onward to Greenland.

Candidate Profile

Applicants should demonstrate flexibility, initiative, and eagerness to engage with the local community.

Accepted Degree Levels



Foreign Language Proficiency

Not Required

Placement Type

Secondary School

University/Post-Secondary Institution

Other Educational Institution

Affiliation to be held in Nuuk, Greenland, through coordination among the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen, the Greenlandic Ministry of Education, Greenland University, and the Nuuk High School.

Nuuk has 17,000 inhabitants and is a vibrant little city; however, the weather is harsh come October with frost, snow, and very little day lights.  Due to the environmental conditions, a grant period is only possible for four months from mid-August to mid-December.  Host institutions close for several months over the winter, and ETAs would not be able to continue their assignments for a full six months.

Special Application Instructions

Due to harsh weather conditions, dependents are not encouraged to accompany grantees.


Dependent support is not available

Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Website

Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy Contact

Vibeke Hattel Musgrave